Monday, May 10, 2010

Got Teeth? (and Green Apple spray paint?)

Ok-I am serious?
Does anybody have any teeth that they would be willing to trade for crafy projects?
I had to have a root canal today!

I know-you are all jealous!
I am thinking that some new teeth would be fabulous!

I am giving you a peak at some OLD spray paint goodness.
I know-I am kind of on a spray paint kick lately.
I have a TV segment this week: Spray Painting 101-
so it's kind of been on the brain!

Hope you enjoy. I will be back to creating again tomorrow!!

I finally got the turquoise desk done~and while I was at it-I cleaned 4's room.
I didn't really have a choice.
You know when your kids rooms get to the point where you want to gag?
Yea, well that is where it was it.
When we moved into this house(over a year ago)
I didn't know where to put some stuff, so I shoved it in her closet.
It wasn't her closet at the time though.
the point is, I never cleaned it out until now.
Yep, pathetic I know.
I got 4 garbage bags of crap-clothes, toys, dress up-you name it, I shoved it in a sack.
Good thing-garage sale on saturday.
I figure since I have had to clean out every single closet in our house, and all the girls rooms-I should get about 20 bucks to go thriftin~
Imagine the possiblilties with 20 bucks!

Ok-Ok on to the redo.

Here is what it looked like before:

Cute huh? It was $3.

So-here it is.
In all it's glory
Apple green spray paint
I think I love you!
I have always used cheap spray paint
You know the 99 cents stuff.
Well-they don't make Apple Green in cheap
So-I branched out.
What a difference a couple bucks make.
I know many of you already know this-I am just a little slow.
Here are the rest of the pics from her room
I made the garland, I found the butterflies for 50 cents-spray them apple and brown.
Sprayed the garage sale shelf with the apple as well
I told you I loved it!

I have a friend who made these cutest flip flops-under $5 bucks!

She is in a local contest here to win a sillouhette.
Please go and vote for her! She is fabulous with some awesome skills!!!


  1. Awe! Tausha you are so sweet to plug for me like this!! Darling redo by the way!

  2. Tausha you rock! You should come over to my house--I have a few projects :P In addition to my front door that we've already spoken about, I have an antique sewing machine--that's in a table. I don't use the machine, but I do have the table displayed. However, it would be much happier if it was repainted! Can I just spray paint it?

  3. So where did you get the green apple spray paint? I have been looking for that color in a spray paint.

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  5. I'm a fan of apple green and all things colorful. Fun and sassy.
    Pamela @ Becolorful

  6. Did you sand that before you painted it or did you just prime it?


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