Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something old turned to something better than NEW!

After. What do you think? Super cute huh? I was wondering why I didn't do this a long time ago. My husband thinks it's too bright, but what does he know?This is my downstairs entry wall. This is the fabulous view I see when I walk in the door every day. Nice huh?This is an old bed headboard. It was ugly brown and scratched all up. This is the in between process. Still needed another coat of black and poly.
So-what do you think? Too cute huh? I recomend that everyone go out to the thrift store and pick up an old headboard.  The headboard was $8.00 Red box-$1.00-sparay painted that red. We will use that for the mail.  The hook that the quilt is on was a $1.00.  I spray painted an old frame hanging out in the garage and stuck a wreath over it. I love how it looked and I think that I will copy it for our client this week.  The letter H was gold-spray painted that too.  All the other stuff was gathered from around the house. You know rob peter to pay paul? I do that all the time!
I love how it turned out. I want to find another one for the upstairs entry. These headboards are perfect for the entryway because they are usually very narrow and a table  is hard to find. So-I will have to head to thrift store on Monday. Shhh don't tell my husband!


  1. Cute paint jobs! I also like your new background!

  2. Yeah, sorry about your tooth! I was talking to Mindy at KSL and since you can't do your segment tomorrow, they moved mine up a whole week! I guess you and I switched days which kindof freaked me out a bit! But now it's all good! Hope you get feeling better! Darling project btw!

  3. Love the red. Black would have looked great too!

    Hope your mouth feels better tomorrow. :)

  4. Hope you're on the mend soon! LOVE your makeovers. :)

  5. Get well soon! Love the red accessories on the cute black table and the red chair, adorable.

  6. Even thought I don't use it a whole lot anymore... I LOVE the red! It's so fun, and funky.
    The chair is so cute too... great size :)
    And a headboard for a table... whaaat!? I love it! :)

  7. Both projects are very nice! I've been looking for an old metal headboard for the garden, thought it would be fun for cukes!

  8. Love, love it--especially the colors. I would of never thought to do that with a headboard....thanks for the inspiration!

  9. great job. amazing what paint can do!

    - The Tablescaper


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