Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When CENTS make SENSE!

ok-I look at that title and I am hoping that I spelled the right words correctly.
You know when you look at a word and it doesn't quite look right.
That is what I am thinking...
Moving on.....

Sorry about the tangent!

I need a thrift store fix today.
I didn't need one thng-NEED is the key word in that sentence.
Since when do I go to the thrift store to get something I need.

While I was there...found some treasures.
Want to see?
Total spent-300 cents!

These items are just little peeks of what is going on my sofa table makeover.

The frame was 75 cents-painted it grey with a 50 cent can of mistint.
I then wiped some white on to give it a more shabby look.

The pillow is a red minky like pillow. I just added the flowers!
(if you love pillow and have to have, let me know cause I wanting to sell it-that is what happens when one has too much crap. You would think that this would stop me from shopping.

I just cut some vinyl for the family and the house.
The FAMILY is attached directly to the glass and the house is attached to the paper under the glass. I just finished it off with my sharpie!
What do you think?
Should I list them in my Etsy?
I was thinking that these would make DARLING Mothers Day Gifts!!
You could have your kids sign the paper. A perfect, sentimental gift!
How cute would that be!

I also found me a cheese dome and a funky container to glue it too.
It was raining today-but I didn't care I spray painted it anyway.
She was too cute not to make as soon as possible. Rain or not!
The little H..
A typewriter key font.
Super cute huh?
I am loving monograms right now-this was different so I REALLY loved it!
What do you think?

Here is a better pic of my new dome thing.
Not sure what to call it.
I spray painted the whole thing black and E6000 it together.
Just filled it 2 bags of dollar store moss rocks .
Love it! ♥
Can't wait to finish the whole table tomorrow!!!

Give you a husband hates it!
What does he know anyway?
He wears grey and tan together and thinks it looks good.
Silly Man!



  1. great finds..I think I need a thrift store fix..;p

  2. Love it all! So cute! You always find the best stuff when you thrift!


  3. I love the stuff you find. I should just have you go shopping for me!

  4. Uh Oh . . . I wear gray and tan together!

  5. Loving it! Very cute....

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another great party!


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