Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Partay and a post all about ME!

I Love AmAnDa! She is darling and I love her blog. She is having a fantastic party today, so I thought I would join up!
Who doesn't like to talk about themselves?
Sure as heck isn't me-so here goes.

I have been blogging for a couple years now.
I have only been blogging on my current blog: SASSY STYLE REDESIGN for about 4 months.
I am a mom of 3 chickadees and a wife to one fantastic man!

I am lucky to be able to "work" at what I love.
I mean come on, who doesn't love to get paid to shop?
I am a interior re-designer. My mom and I have a business together.
I can't tell you how fabulous it is to be able to go into someones house and make it a home!
We specialize in using things that you already have and arranging your home to be the best it can be.
We know that people have things for a reason, whether it's grandmas old quilt, or grandpas table. We incorporate those pieces because they are special to you.
So, basically we make your home look good!

My blog title is also my Business Title.
We chose it because we truly are Sassy-in every way!

I blog about all things that make me happy!
I love to create! I need to create! It makes me feel whole as a person!
I love sharing my creations with others in hope that I will be able to inspire them to do something creative as well!

My favorite thing about blogging is the friends that I make!
I am amazed that this little box can help build lasting friendships.

One famous person to read my blog?
How about Gerard Butler-the reason?
He would be so impressed with my blog and my beauty he would drop everything to meet me!
Then-he would tell me (in confidence of course) that he is GAY!
That way-we could spend lots of time together shopping, decorating and going out to lunch.
Fabulous right?

Allright, pretty sure you are sick of hearing all about me and my silly Scottish Fantasy!
Love you all!
Really-everyone that reads my blog makes me happy.
If I can inspire one person-it's all worth it!

Thanks Amanda-this was super fun!
♥ Tausha


  1. Tausha, I am so on board with your Gerard Butler fantasy, um, plan. ;) Your little girls are so pretty! I love reading your posts and now I can also say that between you and Jen from Tatertots and Jello, I know 2 people on TV. ;) ;) Thanks for linking up, chickie!

  2. Love your decorating ideas! Please keep blogging-I'll keep reading!

  3. Hello my friend! Fun post. What a darling family you have! I love your favorite person comment too - so funny!

    I think you are wonderful!


  4. CUTE CUTE DUO! :) Sisters right? ;) I'm very close with my mom as well. I'm here for the
    part-ey yeah! haha That was Gretchen Wilson..I think.. lol But I hopped on over from the serenity now party. Love finding new blogs!

  5. Your blog is so fun - love the decorating ideas!


  6. Your daughters are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy the UBP. -Chelsea

  7. Ok, I am just to jealous of your job! That would be fun. It is nice to meet you.

  8. First of all...LOVE your job...I am also SUPER into design but too chicken to make a business out of it. Maybe someday, I'll find some time for school. Secondly, also love Gerard Butler and love your fantasy. LOL I just saw The Ugly Truth the other week. Cracked me up! :)

  9. I am jealous of your job! How fun! It was nice to meet you.

  10. Stopping in from the UBP! Hope you're having fun!

  11. I'm popping over from the UBP! And I'm super excited to look through the rest of your blog! I'm super jealous of your $5 bookcase redo! And I'm on my way over to read "Just Another Manic Monday" - what can I say? The title intrigued me!



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