Friday, April 30, 2010

How to update a bathroom in under an hour an under $20 bucks!

So..I changed my mind.
I am recycling an old post.
This was from my OTHER blog-so I hope that this is not a rerun for too many of you.
Everyone needs a little inspiration when it comes to the potty room.
I am off to eat a popsicle!
Happy Friday!!!

If you didn't know-I am a very inpatient person.
Much too impatient if you ask my husband.
I wanted a new bathroom.
He told me no.
Actually, he told me not right now.
(ok, he did have an excuse-he did start a new job this week and is stressed to the max)
Still, though, I wanted my bathroom redone NOW!
So...what is a girl to do.
Can't paint (well, I could, I don't need him to paint-but I am so FREAKING sunburnt-it hurts to lift my hands above my head)
Redecorating on the cheap and on the quick-in.
My bathroom that everyone uses is really dark.
I don't love it this dark, but I like it much better now.
Maybe it was because I replaced the 3 burnt out light bulbs.....

After...I know, I know. I didn't paint the little cupboard. I so would have. But, it was way to WINDY to spray paint and I am much to lazy to use anything else.

I must apologize for the pics-there is NO natural light in here and it is small-so the angles are kind of funky. Soorrryy!

I used to have a ladder on the wall. It was cute-I was just super sick of it. That is why the wall is bare.
I so heart that Valspar Mediteranen color. I sprayed all the frames that I had around all that color. And the funky white one in the middle was a yard sale find for .50 cents. I sprayed the star butter yellow.

I went to wal-mart to buy a new shower curtain. I refused to pay $25.00 for a shower curtain. So I walked back to the curtains and picked these up for $15 for the pair. SCORE!!

Now the bathroom is much more pleasant to be in.
Am I pathetic? Oh well-I like it much better.
Price breakdown:
Curtains $15.00
Frames: free & .50 cents
Spray Paint-I already had-so FREE
All the little things around-FREE. I just went through my stuff. The pic of the girls above the cabinet-my cute friend Kelly made for me when we did a swap! The colors rock in here!!!
I know, I am pathetic-even the lotion matches. I don't even like the smell of this kind, but it was the right color. This too was FREE
Total cost-$15.50
SOOOO worth it!! (Even though I had to iron)
Now....if only I could someone else to clean it!!
Go redo something on the cheap! You will feel great!! I know it got rid of my "oh my heck, I forgot what it was like to be a parent full time-funk
Yes-I just admited that. I so hope I am not the only one who feels this way.
(a little bit of chocolate helped too)

ps-I liked up to a whole slew of friday parties-but I can't remember which one's. I blame it on the clogged sinuses and pounding headache. Forgive me?


  1. Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse's Follow Me Friday. I am your newest follower. Great Job!

  2. It looks great! I love all the fun color... I totally admire that about ya... you're NEVER afraid to use lots of color!

    And the frames are SO cute too!
    I love how you grouped them.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  3. CUTE! I need to update mine so bad
    LOVE the blog, I can't wait to read more-- found you on follow friday!
    follow back at

  4. cute ideas! I have 3 bathrooms that are BORING I need some inspiration, THANKS YOU :)
    LOVE the blog, I can't wait to read more-- found you on follow friday!
    follow back at

  5. I love when you can get a fresh look going, it looks great! The frames are pretty awesome. Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments!

  6. Bet the frames will hold up really well on the wall. Very clever. Jane F.

  7. I love the way it turned out!

    I'm having a blog party tomorrow and I'd love it if you linked up!

  8. Very cute as always! I am so glad you linked up with us!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love this! Very good job!
    Happy FF!
    I am following you now and would love if you come follow me back and say hi!
    Gros bisous

  10. What a fun bathroom redo! I am featuring this on Favorite THings Friday next week! Stop by my blog if you would like a featured button!

  11. Cute redo. I love the frames.

  12. You crack me up and I love the redo! You are so talented!! Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.


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