Friday, April 9, 2010

How to SPRINGIFY your Sofa Table

Alright, I know I am a little slow on this. The snow kind of slowed me down.
The sun is shining and the it looks warm (but it really isn't) so time to redo!!
This is my version of a mantle-cause I wish I had one.. Sniff Sniff.
First...go through your house and find a bunch of stuff.
I grabbed some candlestick holders, plates, nests, birds, spindles and my grasses.
And, don't forget your apothecary jars.

First-I have to tell you about my grasses.
When I did the TV segment last week-I planted some wheat grass in some clay pots.
I just used a 1/2 flat of wheat grass from the health food store.
You can do it from seed, but I couldn't find any stupid wheat grass seeds to save my life.
Anyway....if you use the grass that has already sprouted-just repot it and water it.
When you water-the grass will grow.
Man does it grow!!
You can either give it a hair cut, or let it go crazy.
I chose the crazy-my grass pretty much looks like my hair. I LOVE IT!

Ok, when you are going to do a long table-like a sofa table-you need to make sure that you have things of different heights. 
You can see I used books, tall apothecary jars,  and cadle stick holders to do this.
All of these items(except) the apothcary jars are from the thrift store or the dollar store. They just got a coat of spray paint.

I like to use a lamp if possible. I love lamp light, it softens everything around it. Plus-I love to have them on at night. You can still see how cute your table is!

A couple of little tricks.I planted the grass in some small pots-so I just stuck them in things.
One is a nest and the other in the apothecary jar.
Ok-I love the one in the jar. I just limes around the grass.

Gather your spring decor. Nests, birds, eggs, whatever you want.
Vary these are different heights as well.

I love old spools. I kind of have a problem.
I love to put them around. Adds height and charm.
(like me :)
The birds were from the dollar store-just got a paint makeover.
The eggs are plastic easter eggs that I painted with white paint and then polyed so they wouldn't chip.

I don't have a mantel. I have a piano that noody plays.
Yep-I am such an awesome mom!
I decorate my piano, like it is a mantel.
Again-vary your heights.
(sorry about the pics-it is cloudy today)

I love old books. Actually, I love all books. I just stacked some.

I love this new sign I picked up!

Add a little grass and bird and ta-da

I used my apothecary jar with the fake moss rocks from the dollar store.
I just added some not super fake looking flowers.
Kind of a faux terrarium look.

I love spring!
It makes me happy.
Go and springify your house-You will be happy too.
(chocolate always helps with the process!)

PS- I am in need of some Blogging Design help! Any Suggestions of who I can use?
THANKS in Advance!


  1. SO so cute!
    I love it all.
    You make me tired.

    Um... is THAT YOUR sofa table. I loooooooove the color!
    Jealous, much.

  2. Tausha,
    I too love your sofa table. But your vignettes are great. So springy, maybe it will help bring it to us. I also saw that you have the Sacred Grove picture that I have been longing for. Now I am jealous too.

  3. I'm a huge fan of the birds and nests. :) Everything looks great!

  4. Love that you reused your grass from the tv spot. Nothing life repurposing and reusing!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  5. very springy! I love the grass! : ) I also love the old books!

  6. cloudy means PERFECT pics. I didn't know what you were talking about when you apologized for the pics. I think they look great. I love the grasses. FUN!

  7. Very cute! It makes me want to give it a try. It looks like wild hair.

  8. I passed up some old spools last week in a store. They had a big box full of them. Looks like I need to go pay them another visit and buy a few.

    Love the greenish colored table!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  9. Hey, I'm visiting from NFF, and I thought I'd drop a comment! I made all of my headers for my blog, and quite often make my layout, code all of my widgets, and make all of my buttons, if you need design help just let me know! I also thought I'd let you know that I am now following you! I love your blog.

  10. Hi! Love your style - it reminds me of my own. Would love you to visit my new blog sometime and say 'hi'.

  11. I really love your spring time tabletops. They're just beautiful.

  12. Thank you for the kind words on my blog! And...
    Holy fire... L-O-V-E your style! What a fabulous blog! I will be stopping by often!

    Thanks again!
    Anj (snowybliss)

  13. So pretty Tausha!

    I love all of the grass you used. Beautiful!


  14. What a great idea!!~ I love how it livened up the table, very cute:)

  15. Very pretty -- very spring! and a good use of items you had on hand anyway -- creative!!
    Love the "crazy" grass, very wild and free looking. thanks for sharing... Cass

  16. I'm growing grass too :). I have to trim it up every few days to keep it from getting too crazy. Love all your springy vignettes! Thanks for linking up.


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