Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some EGG-STRA Special Home Decor

So-since Easter is so early this year-I thought I would do a little
"CHEAP" decor.
I know, bad attemt at a little word play.

I found this cutest scrapbook paper. It is not the style of stuff I usually get,but I loved it. So, I brought it home.
I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but that didn't stop me from buying it.
I do that with a lot of stuff.
That would be why my craft room is very un-photographable.

Ok-on to the craftiness.
I had a plain wooden sign
A cheap,white, little frames
A green styrofoam egg

This is what I did.
I modge podged some pink paper on the wooden plaque thing.
inked it, sanded and then attached the paper.
The little frame got a coat of light turquoise paint.
It was too dark-so I added some stain and then sanded the edges so the white would show through.
The egg.
It  was very green. I needed something to cover it up.
So I reached for my dollar store twine.
I wrapped and swore, then wrapped some more.
I added some glue and then swore again.
I ate some mm's and then I quit swearing. :)
I added some pink tulle.
I think it looks like little sublte bunny ears.

Here is a close up the plaque and the cutest old fashioned easter paper.
It makes me happy when I look at it.

So-what have you made that is eastery? Is that even a word?
If you love this little vingette and you just have to have it for your house.
You can purchase it in my etsy shop. (it will be up later today)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway.
It ends Thursday!

I am hooking up with some Wednesday Wonderfulness.
(again with the making up of words.)


  1. Those turned out adorable!!!

    I have been making these...

  2. Those look wonderful and I think even the "uncrafty me" could do it.

  3. What a cute idea Tausha! I love the frame and the egg especially.

  4. Really cute! Love the framed picture of the eggs. Right now I'm working on wrapping foam eggs in a variety of stuff to display in a apothocary jar.

  5. Very cute! I had to laugh, as I am the same way about scrapbook paper. I have a basket full of paper, just because I loved it! I am going to go look through and see if I can frame any! I especially love the egg picture! Thanks for the great idea :)

  6. These are great; I think the framed eggs are my favorite but I do admire your patience in wrapping all that twine, too!

  7. Eastery is TOTALLY a word!

    I like the twine egg. I will definitely be trying that.

  8. I am totally lovin' the Easter feel. I am totally going out right now to create something fun and springish! Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  9. You are just too cute, and clever!

  10. Very cute! I love that paper, and the twine looks great on the egg. I'm working on giving my mantle an Easter makeover (and by working on, I mean I'm looking at what everyone else is doing and trying to formulate a plan!). Maybe I'll be able to show it off soon! Thanks for sharing!

  11. It turned out so cute...but man, I am still working on St. Pats day and have not gotten to Easter yet. ( seems I am always late )

    LOVE <3 LOVE the egg idea... that I will certainly have to try!

  12. Cute the jute egg.

    Would love to have your opinion about my dilemna I will post tomorrow morning! Stop over

  13. I am TOTALLY loving that egg! Seriously! First one I've seen like that!!!

  14. LOVE the egg. It is unique and clever, great texture mix with the tulle bow. Lezlee

  15. Love the eggs! You should check out the egg prints they have at They are free to download and they are really cool!

  16. I will feature this post at with your carrots because I love this idea!!!! Yeah!


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