Friday, March 26, 2010


So while I was catching up on my favorite morning show Studio 5.
(Yes, it  is my favorite show because I get to go on and visit every once in a while)
Anyway-they had this super cute girl on with a super cute tutorial on how to make
paper Lollies!
Basically, Paper folded flowers.
I thought that they would be a fun project to do with the chickadees cause they were out of school today.
So-we headed up to the scrapbook store and got a pleuthra of paper.
I love this store! I love the paper.
I could spend forever in there, just walking around and touching the paper.
Yes, I know, I am a freak.
What can I say, I LOVE paper! Espescially pretty paper!

I tried to find her tutorial online-no luck.
So I will show and tell you how to do it.

 First, what I learned:
Don't do this with your kids unless they are over 10. It was way too hard for 8 and 5.
It probably would have been better if I would have had chocolate,but.....
Use double sided paper and if you don't have 3 of the same sheet-2 of the same with one that matches works ok too.
But, you don't want nice, thick paper.

Ok Supplies that you need:
3 pieces of double sided paper-same if possible
doiles from the dollar store
smaller paper scraps
pinking shears
buttons/brads/some type of doodads to put in the center.
ribbon to hang

First: this is what you need:
Start by accordian folding the paper about 1" folds
When you are done-fold in half. Continue to do this with the other two pieces.
This is where you start to glue. Glue the pages together. I just ran little beads of glue along one edge of the paper and attached the other. Continue to do this until you have a circle.
Now you are going to take one of your doiles and fold in half and glue it in place.
Just glue and scrunch until you get the shape you want. Then put a big old glob of hot glue in the middle of the folded circle. Don't worry, you wont see this.

Then cut a circle with your pinking sheers and attach to the doiley.
Then go crazy with whatever you want and make a center. I used small flowers on this one, but the others I used buttons. Whatever you want to use will look great.

Here is how the rest of mine turned out. These are super easy-quick and addicting.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sorry the pics are not the best.  But, it has been overcast all day.
I hung them from my old door in my living room. This is only temporary until I get my new craft room done.  (yea-we are going to ikea-I can hardly contain myself)

These would be darling decor in a girls room or party decor. Make them smaller and put them on dowells and decorate your green plants.
Ok-this last one is one that I made out of a scalloped paper. I was lazy and didn't want to make anymore.
I just folded the doiles and added centers.
They I made one double sided some when they were spinning around, they would be pretty from both sides!
See how cute they are. Hang them from some tulle for a fun, soft look.

Ok-see this most ugly 1974 vegas cabinet?
Truly horrible and gaudy!
It was $15 bucks and I have BIG plans!
Craft room storage for all my paper!
After pics coming soon!
Look at those pretty colors! Awesome huh?  I am thinking the redo will be with either bead board or a pretty fabric.


  1. I love Studio 5 also! I've never been on there though, I did see you on it a while back. :)

    I love your cabinet! Where did you find it? I need to find some cool storage spaces for my place. ;)

  2. Absolutely delightful! I have made smaller ones, but these large ones are new to me. ...and hanging them with tulle is the cherry on top! I am so happy that I came by. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day soon when you get a moment. until later...

  3. I needed decoration inspiration for a baby shower. I think I just found a part of my decor. SO SO SO cute!! Thanks for the tutorial! :) they're perfect!!

  4. Tausha-

    You make me laugh with how big into crafts you are. You are like the next Martha Stewart. I am leaving this comment to be nosy also-but what's up with Minday Mae's Market? Is everything okay with Nikki and her baby? I just noticed that she cancelled all spring/summer shows so was just curious. Let me know.

  5. Those are so cute! I can't wait to see after pics of the cabinet! I'm sure you'll do something amazing with it!!

    Thanks for the link!


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