Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tales of a hot glue gun addict....

This is my haul! YEP! I got all of this goodness at the thrift store yesterday. My total was $20!
I was so excited I had to blog about it! (I know, I am a loser-I get excited over junk)
So, this is what I got:
2 lamps with shades-brand new still with tags-$4.00
a pillow-$1
2 cool ceramic red/turquoisey/green ceramic balls-$1 (for both)
Red lamp shade (new) $4
6 frames-$3
A black, long sign with pegs $1
2 spools of yarn-black and white $1-for both
A pink ceramic long box thing with green ribbon-$1
A styrofoam cone-Less than a dollar
I was so EXCITED!
Now, I know what you are thinking, what the heck am I going to do with this junk?
I must show one thing that I did.
Yesterday was 8's birthday.
Her birthday request-to have me change her room around. (I know, my girls are so much like me :)
So-most of these things added some great punch for little money.

First: The pillow form that was a dollar.
Brand new.
I can't sew!
I can't even turn on a machine. (i know, I am lame)
So...I hot glued a pillow.Here is the fabric that I found & Loved! What is not to like?So-I cute the fabric to fit and got to gluing. I glued it with hot glue and somewaht like a present.I just glued a little and pulled it taught. I had to rip it up a couple of times, but it was still ok.  I first glued the sides, then started on the ends. I pulled, folded and then glued. Litereally like I was wrapping the pillow.
Now- I know that it is not as pretty as a picture on the back, but who looks at the back anyway? Here it is in all of her glory on 8's freshly made bed.
She looks so freaking cute! I loved how it turned out and it cost me under $5! (that was including fabric)
Her bed is so very cute, all adorned with my rose petal pillow, my glue gun pillow and a plain white pillow that she received for her birthday. I just pinned a flower/fabric pin on it.
Do you see that bit of white furriness peaking out?
I will give you a clue-not meant for the bed.
But, since when I do I use things for the purpose they were made for?
Stay tuned for all of the pics of her newly decorated room tomorrow.
I also made a few more things with my thrift store treasures.
So, come back. Bring chocolate! :)
I am hooking up with all of kinds fabulosness, you know so I can be popular by assosciation!
Ps-if anyone is intersted...there are so super cute valentine goodies in my shop! (i don't think I hot glued even one of them :)
Happy Tuesday all!!


  1. I love that fabric, and I'm sure your girl loves her new room! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Sorry I didn't make it down yesterday, I am a slacker! The pillow turned out so dang cute! I LOVE the room!

  3. I love how you made a pillow using hot glue...I will definitely be doing that! :) You got fantastic deals!

  4. You are a HOOT! Love all the goodies you got and the glued pillow is so cute, and cleaver. I don't have a sewing machine anymore and that a good idea I'm going to "borrow". :)

  5. Girl -- sewing is not that hard I swear! If I can do it anyone can!! And hot gluing a pillow -- who would of thunk it??

  6. glue as opposed to a sewing machine? my kind of craft! great job!

  7. I get all excited when I see you've posted something!!! Can't believe all the goodies you got for not much$$$!!!

  8. Now that is a creative use for a glue gun and love all your great finds.

  9. I always burn myself... Love your pillow great fabric! Lezlee

  10. I like how your pillows pops against the lime green of the comforter. I love lime green.

  11. You are SO not lame! You're a smarty pants! Great idea. It turned out so cute...

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  12. I’m all about no sew projects, pretty much because I don’t know how to sew.....yet. Looks great and your right no one is going to look at the back!

    Kendra "Domestic Princess in Training"

  13. Hahaha of course you can use the get out of jail free coupon idea. The funny thing is that he never used it! I can think of many times this last year when he could of but I think he forgot about it.

    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  14. Gah, now I need to run out to the thrift store. I was doing so well staying away. ;)

  15. You crack me up! Gluing a pillow together! You did get a lot of great stuff thrifting, though...


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