Friday, February 5, 2010

A little bit country Before and After.....

We had a opportunity to do some work for a FABULOUS lady that had some totally awesome stuff!
If you are wondering what it is that WE do...I will tell you.
We come into your home, look at what you have and move things around, add some cozy touches and make YOUR space better. 
We did NOT buy ONE thing.
All of this fabulosness was hers.
An man oh man-does she have some great stuff.
Want to see?
This is a Before....
And After....
Before...AfterBefore..I know this is super dark. So sorry. But you can still kind of see what it looked like before.
And After...
She is adding the finishing touches to the space with 
(I am SOOOO jealous.......)

We just moved HER things around. We took things from other places in her house and gave them a new home.  We  used all of her treasures from her trips, her family pics, an old quilt, even a wagon wheel. (this thing was so heavy!!)
This space was her-just tweeked a little and made better.

If you know what you love-but are not just sure how to make it look good.
We can help! Email me or call.
I would love to talk!

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