Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sometimes decorating makes you CRACK!

I know, I am hoping that you still love me and will still come and visit.
Life just kind of overcame me and so this, my blogging, took a back seat.

I did do some creating on my time off.
Not much, but a little bit is better than nothing!  Right?
pretend that it's brown-you know the paper mache brown, plain letter.

My cutest neice-turned one and I wanted to rock the boat. You know give her something besides an elmo toy.
So, I did a letter.
Her room is in pink and navy-so cute! (it's not quite finished yet-but I have a vision) I will post it when my sister gets all the fabulosness done.
I wanted to crackle the letter.
It coudlnt' be that hard right?
Wrong. (sorry, I know the pic is crooked-just turn your head :)
This is what it looked like after the crackle and some white paint over it.
I hated it! I hated it so much I did exactly opposite of what the bottle said to do.
It said-don't do another coat of crackle, once you have already done one. 
I did another coat of crackle and then painted some light pink over the 2nd coat of crackle.  I still didn't like it.
I know, I am a freak!
I inked the edges and FINALLY, I liked it.
so, what do you think? I know, it's on a green wall-what about the navy? I will get to it-later.
When the room gets done....soon.

I am linking up to all these fabulous people. 
Go and check it out.
We all need some inspiration


  1. Sometimes we can be our own worse critic. ha! It looks great. The edging really made it pop! I love it!


  2. Awesome, was this done when I was at your house today? It is really cute!!

  3. Looking good...can't wait to see the room pics!


  4. Very pretty--thanks for linking up!


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