Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Designing on a Penny..

I love to thrift. If you have ever read this blog before-you already know this.
I probably have a problem, but I have lots of problems, so lets just move on.
Why dwell on the negative?
I redid some decor in my house.
I know, I know this is so not blogworthy, but I am hoping that these little tips are.
Everything in this picture was purchased at the thrift store.
Everything-even my red pantry.

So-my pantry is one of my greatest finds ever!  It was only $20 bucks! When I purchased it, I thought it was a pre-fab piece, but luckily, I was wrong. This baby was custom made and it is heavy duty!  I painted it this lovely red-non orange undertone color. I sanded some of the edges and finished it off with wiping some sample chocolate brown watered down paint on the whole thing. Whew-that was a super long run on sentance. :0
My husband was even impressed with this purchse.

Ok, on to my original point.
Decorating doesn't have to be expensive.
In my house, the cheaper the better. When I go into a thrifter my mind switches into: What can I spray paint, repurpose or show some tlc?

Although I puffy ♥ spray painting other peoples crap, the utah weather has not been too cooperative lately. So, everything on my pantry was as is, fantabulous thrift finds.
The lamp-$1.00 (my cashier that day must have thought I was cute-cause that is a wingin deal!)
The sign: 50 cents. (I know, Awesome!)
The basket:$1.00
The Green plant: 50 cents
The apples were in a bag of other stuff-cheap!
My super cute chicken plate: free(my super cute friend gave it to me)
Old utensils-yep-cheap!
So the whole thing cost roughly about $4 bucks or so.
Cheap people!
I also love to shop the house. Sometimes I don't have any money-(ok most times I don't have any money) but I have a lot of crap! So, I move it around and I tend to like the crap even better in a new home. This goes with furniture as well. Do you have a bedroom chair that would look super cute in the Entry? Pick that baby up (or beg your husband) and move it around.

When I go into people's homes, they usually own what they love and just not sure how to display it so they like it. Play with it. Move that furniture around. Is that black lamp looking tired? Spray paint it a bright fun color. (don't you wish you could spray yourself a bright fun color when you were feeling tired?)
Go and get a plant, some old books for height and go to town.
Don't forget to go shopping!

PS-while I was redoing, I discovered that I have too much stuff.
This was totally a shocker to me. ☺
So, I am going to do a giveaway.
Well-I am thinking sometime this week. I am not sure on the exact date-but I will let you know.
I am thinking I need to create a little something something for y'all.
So-maybe Thursday?
Come back and see later.
You will be so glad!
PPS-This giveaway WILL include chocolate!

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  1. I think you should just give away to your super cute neighbor. lol.
    The top of your pantry turned out really cute! You do a great job. I can't wait for "someone" to see what you did at her house.

  2. I went thrifting the other day, I left saying I will never go back. What is my problem? I see all these wonderful things others get. Maybe I just don't have the eye for thrift shopping.
    You have some great finds there, way to go!

  3. I used to be offended when people thought I was cheap. Now I am proud of it and am not afraid to show off my bargain finds. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that pantry! I have also been struggling with this Utah weather and have a list of things I want to paint when it will just stop snowing and warm up a bit. Thanks for sharing at my Penny Pinching Party today!

  4. I agree that being cheap is a compliment! I have a hard time paying full price for anything! I love your thrifty finds!

  5. I love the color you painted your pantry! So pretty.
    Glad you found me and thank you for the super sweet comment!
    Off to read more of your blog.

  6. $20 for that piece! Amazing! Great find.


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