Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wicked cool Before and Afters

Are you so glad that you came back to look at this ugly silver, towel, possible a fake lamp thing?
Why in the heck am I showing this?
How could it possibly turn into anything work keeping?

After some spray paint. I know what you are thinking.
What the heck is that thing?
Ta-da! Still not sure what it is?
Do you have any old hats around your house, say from a Grandpa or Grandma.
Or you have one around cause you have a really cool friend who brings one back to you all the way from ARKANSAS!
Yep-I have a really cool friend.
But, my mom did have my Grandpas old hat and wasn't quite sure how to display it.
So, she found a towel rack at the di and used that.
I figure, why mess with a good thing.
So this beauty is an old hat holder.
It is super cute though-huh?
Just nod your head and say yes-I need the support! ")

This was such a find. I am sure the lady at the di probably thought that I was insane when I did a little happy dance in the middle of the aisle.
(i only danced after I put it in my cart)
The big old ugly BLUE clock had great potential.
And, it was a CLOCK!
I didn't need any more convincing.
The best part-it was $5! Yes people, five bucks!

I spray painted her black, sanded her and rubbed some brown paint on her.
I polyed her as well, just to be safe.
I found a face online-cut the numbers out on my cricut.
I just inked the face all up and crinkled it up and then ironed it.
I backed it with some super cute polka dot scrapbook paper and she is done!
She now sits proudly in my entry way for everyone to see.
Nope, she doesn't work, but I don't care.
Most of my clocks don't work.
Maybe that's why I'm always late!?


  1. I love your clock! What a great find.


  2. Ha! I love your style and creativity! Great job!

  3. What fun projects! You did a great job!

    Thanks for linking it up to my party!!!


  4. Looks great! I love the clock, and I love a good deal! Congrats!


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