Monday, January 4, 2010

How to decorate your laundry room

Set your dvr's ladies-I am going to be on Studio 5 tomorrow!
I am going to be talking about 1 tip for each room in your home.
You know, to help spruce it up a bit!
I LOVED how these laundry bottles turned out!
I had to share them with you!

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The best part?
They were super cheap and even easier to make!
Who doesn't want their their laundry room to be a happier, cuter place to be?

These little jars are filled with detergent, powder and liquid.
Dryer sheets and a jar for this and that!

I labeled them with Vinyl numbers

1: for detergent

2: for dryer sheets

This and that: for all those little extras you find in pockets!

Are they not so super cute?

It makes me wish that I had a laundry room to put them in.(i only have a closet)
But, you can make your laundry room super cute!
They are darling sitting on top of your dryer, or they would be cute in a little tray with a lamp!

 Happy Laundering!

Here is the segment from Studio 5. 5 simple tips to spruce up the most used rooms in your home.



  1. oh! i love it! very fun and sassy! have fun tomorrow!

  2. That is the same little jar I put the birds nest in!!! That is awesome :) I like how you used yours!!


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