Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A tip or two more....

So does your kitchen get overwhelmed with CRAP?
Maybe I shouldn't phrase that in a question-more like a statement. :)

I have a tip or two to help you out.
First, do you have piles?
Mail, school papers, etc?
Go and get a mailbox.
You know that kind that you hang on the outside of your house.
I found mine at the DI, but they are available at home depot for around 10 bucks.
Paint it a fun color.
Now, this is not a requirement, but it does help make you smile every time you have to open to pay a bill.
I embellished mine with some fun paper and buttons.
Because, isn't everything cuter with a button or two?
A storage solution that looks cute at the same time
Think of it as a purse for your house.
A must have accessory!

Now, do you see that chalkboard that is above my mailbox?
That was once an old cupboard door.
I just painted it with some chalkboard paint and hung it on the wall.
It works great for a message board, or hang it high like I did and put up a quote or two.
What-you hate to write with chalk?
I hate chalk too. With a passion actually. The dust gets everywhere and I always end up stepping on it.
Plus-It never looks the way you want it too.

Well-they have chalkboard pens.
Who knew?
If your local, they sell them at Utah Idaho Supply. They are $3.99 a piece.
They are the BOMB!!

Need Height in your decorating?
I so can help you out with this one.
You have no money?
Problem solved.
(If only all of our problems were solved that quick eh?)

Go to a local thrift store and pick up candle holders and plates.
All kinds, metal, ceramic, brass. Whatever you like really.
You can even find funky containers like the green one in the pic.
I think it was some seventies bowl in its previous life.
Anyway, stack them up. Stack them up with items that you love, that just need a little lift!

This was 50 cents at the di-the metal candle thingy.
I just put a nest on it. It was the perfect height for what I needed.
You could also put a plate on this one as well.

Go crazy!
Really, no rules with this one.
Whatever looks good to you.
Just a quick, cheap solution to a decorating dilemma.

Check back tomorrow for some wicked cool before and afters!

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