Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Pillow Talk...

OK-I know, I have already posted about pillows. How I changed them and used stuff from the dollar store. Well, I have something even better for you-this pillow (the plain pink one) was "CUTESIFIED"  with old ugly clothes that were going to be thrown away. 
See all this ugliness? I know what you are thinking. What they heck?  I just ripped off some lace of some really ugly dreses, cut up some corduroy and got to work.  I just rolled and stitched them together.  So, when I was done, they looked like flowers. Sort of :{
See? I know, you can totally tell right? I just glued some together on a corner of a pillow that I stole from my 9 year olds bed and ...

I had another valentiney pillow!  Can one ever have too many valentiney pillows?
I know what you are thinking...there is another pillow in the first picture-
what the heck?
Where is all the info on the OTHER super cute pillow?
I know, I know, I am totally ad libbing here. I am sure that not ALL of you think my pillows are super cute.
I like to think that some of you think they are cute....
Anyway...the 2nd pillow

Here is a close up.  I made this pillow long before there was blogging.
So, I have no great pics of the whole process.
You will just have to visualize.
I went on word, typed up a bunch of lovey words in differnt fonts.
I then printed it out and taped it to a window and traced the words on to a piece of muslin.  I then used different colors of red and pink embroidary thread and went to town.
I then begged a friend of mine to make it into a pillow.
She very graciously obliged.
I added the buttons just the other day.  I hot glued them on.
Does this surprise you?

Go and check out all of this wonderful kind of fabulousness!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


  1. Such cute pillows, I love the embroidery too, and I love the technique you described, may have to try that! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Oh, I love the pillows!

    Thanks for taking part in Talented Tuesday at My Frugal Family! Don't forget to come back next week!


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