Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gotta Love a Tutorial..

OK-I thought that I would show you how to make this super cute, super easy and super cheap Valentines Wreath.
Sorry about the weird blue words that were underlined-not sure what happened

Supplies Needed:
wreath form: dollar store
Ribbon-the wide kind. It works really well if the ribbon has a little bit of wire. Without wire will work OK too.
Puffy hearts : dollar store
Wire heart garland or pom pom garland: dollar store
glue gun
Heart buttons: if you want
Needle and embroidery floss to match your ribbon

Step 1:
wrap your wreath form with ribbon
Cut long strips of the ribbon. It is much easier to work with if it is cut into strips
Do a whip stitch through the middle of the ribbon. (i think it's called a whip stitch-up down, up down.

Step 2: when you finish stitching your piece of ribbon-pull it so you get the ruffle.
Continue stitching until you have enough ribbon to go around the wreath form.
Step 3: glue your ribbon ruffle to the wreath form.
Step 4: add your garland (pom pom or wire) around the wreath form and ruffles.
Step 5: pull the hearts off the sticks (I know, I am getting really technical here)
Glue around the wreath and add buttons on top of the puffy hearts. (if you want)
I added a touch of glitter spray-because everything looks better with a little sparkle!

Hang it on a wreath hanger and you are done .
My wreath is on the small side-my wreath holder is one of those little mini ones-so I made a smaller wreath.
When I have gone to the dollar store, this is the size of wreaths that they carry. If you want to make yours bigger-go for it.

This is super simple and super easy and best of all-it's cheap.
The wreath took me about 20 mins start to finish.
So, if you are impatient like me, and like to have something done quickly-then this is the craft for you.

Have fun and if you decide to do this-leave a comment so I can see.
Get your craft on!

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  1. This is cute! I picked up those same hearts for the same purpose, but wound up making a ribbon & tulle wreath, and the hearts didn't fit in. I have found another use for them, though, in a candle holder.

    Please feel free to link up with Talented Tuesday at My Frugal Family:



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