Saturday, January 9, 2010

Monogram Blocks-whay does your home say?

I know, lame title, I couldn't resist. Letters-what does your home say?
I was creating the other day and came up with these.

What are they?
Monogram Blocks of course.
They are wooden blocks that stand about 6" high.
The background is an aged book page.
You can choose your letter and color of letter.
Rust Red
Goldenrod Yellow(i know that this looks like it's glowing in the pic-it's not)
Chocolate Brown
Olive Green (this color did not take a great pic either-it is more of a brownie green color)
They would be super cute in a vignette with a lamp and plant.
Or maybe by a family picture.
Super cute gift.
I am hoping that if I share how to make these little beauties-you will forgive the horrible, no good,very bad pictures. (and the lack of pics with the tutorial-I will do better next time-promise)
You will need:
1: 6" wooden block-sanded and stained with a walnut color.
A paperback book-one that you don't like because you are going to have to rip it up.
Your monogram letter of choice-I cut these on my cricut-but you could just make a stencil. The letters are 4" high.
Step 1: ink your pages-then crumple it up and ink it some more. Pull out your iron-on the LOWEST setting-iron the page so it is nice and straight. (i did a few at a time)
Cut the book page to size-modge podge on to the block.
If it crinkles-even better, it just adds to it.
Modge podge the letter on (i inked the edges first)
Let dry and you are done!

Well-I loved how they turned out and hope you will as well.
They are listed in my etsy shop for only $5 each!
Seriously-FIVE BUCKS!
Why make your own when they are this cheap!
There might even be some other stuff that you must have in there as well.
Thanks peeps-you are the best!


  1. Your monogram blocks are SO cute... You are so creative!

  2. Maybe I should have read the WHOLE post, I get a little excite, I am still in L-O-V-E with the love blocks, BUT, those monograms are great with an even better price ;)

  3. I can't wait to try this! Thank you for the idea.

  4. I love these! You should link these on our link party tomorrow! Thanks for your kind email! Have a great week-


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