Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And The Winner is.......

I am so sorry.
Here it is Tuesday and I am just getting to the contest.
I have an excuse. A good one even.

I fell down the stairs Saturday night.
Yep-it was awesome!
It was especially awesome when I hit my lower back right on the edge of the stairs.
Cool huh?
It was really great when it hurt so bad on Sunday that I wanted to cry!

I know, I know, I am a wuss.
I have never hurt my back before.
Well, all of the human race who has or who deals with back pain-I feel for ya
cause it sucks!!!!

But-I have a winner.
It was really scientific and all. I went through and counted how many entries you each had and put all ya'lls names in a bowl.
Cool way huh?

Well-the winner is.......
Rachel @ made with love and glue.

You lucky girl!
Shoot me a email @ sassygirlshop@comcast.net
let me know your address and what letter your monogram block needs to be.

As for the rest of you-thanks so much for entering.
I think that as soon as I can sit in my crafting chair again-I will do another giveaway. Because that will be a joyous day and it deserves me giving away some more free stuff!

So....until tomorrow.
I'm off to ice and heat=then repeat.

PS: I really wish that there was a cupcake drive through-I could sure could use one right now. :)Or better yet-a drive through that sells cupcakes, plain m&m's and diet coke.

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