Monday, December 21, 2009

We did it!

Well, we did it and we lived to tell about it.
Who knew that being on TV would be so nerve wracking :)
If you don't know what I am talking about-you can watch it here

I figured since we were making all kinds of new friends,
I would give you something new to look at.
Granted, they are not "new" projects-but hey, my kids think that they need some attention :)

Got some clocks? Not sure what to do with them? Hang them vertically! I took the vinyl down and just used the clocks. Switch around what you already have for a new look!
Got a cute little chair, paint it a fun color and hang a wreath on it.
(sorry about the poor picture quality, it is very evident that I need a new camera!)

STUPID BLOGGER! I hate it when it loads pics backwards. I know that it does this, apparently, I also forget that it does this.
So, just pretend that this is the first pic and bottom is the last.
This was a entertainment center that I found at the DI.
(i HEART the DI) Anyway-it was $20 bucks.
I have NO cupboard space-so I needed a pantry. This would fit the bill.

I broke all of my rules and used paint in a can! GASP!
This piece was too big to spray-much more economical to buy one of those tester cans of paint for three dollars. (i did use two cans though)

When I was done painting-I had to patiently wait for it to dry-(another reason why I would much rather spray paint-dries in 10 mins)
In also bought a $3 can of brown paint.
I poured some on a plate, rubbed a rag in it and wiped it on and then off.
Very messy-yet very satisfying.
Kind of like a good dessert!
(LAME ATTEMPT at a joke-i know. It's late)
I moved it in and filled her up.
I have loved it!
It served a purpose and was super cute as well!
Alright peeps-
I have to go to sleep.
After all-TV stars must always look their best!
(insert eye rolling here!)

Thanks again!

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