Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The whole sha-bang!!!

This home was such a fun one to do.
All of our homes are fun-but this was great!!
This room was the "MAN" room. Our client just wanted this space to be his. A place where he could come home and kick off his boots and put his feet up. This space was completely empty when we started. So-all of the furniture is new.As you can see in the after-we used masculine colors and fabrics. A little bit of green. Softened some of the lines with pillows and one of his blankets. The gorgeous pics that you see are posters that we had framed! Before:After: This little corner is all him. These were all of his things that are important to him that he wanted displayed. He hats, ropes and even matchbook collection. You never knew we could use matchbooks as decor-did you?
This is not the best pic of the kitchen. Sorry. They had all of the leaves in the table-it was just too big-espescially since they didn't use the table to eat on.

So-we took the leaves out, painted the shelf. Moved the cute bench by the wall-where you could see it. It is also used as a place to stop and take off your shoes! Double duty! Cute!!

they had very large, high ceilings. We needed something large to put above the bedroom door.
A clock was the perfect fit!!

This little nook was more of a catch all than anything else. We had a chair done in their colors. Added a lamp-changed the curtains and voila! A soft, comfy space to sit and relax!
Don't you just love the clock on the wall? How about the cute tin lamp!The family room is a "great" room, so everything is open to everything else. We needed to make sure that everything flowed together. So-the colors in the curtains are not the same, but they do match.

This home was done on a larger budget, but any budget can be used!

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