Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A failing Family Room No more!!

Some more Before and Afters: This was a large family room with all of the furniture pushed against the walls.
After: I know that these pics are not the best quality. I am saving to get a new camera :)
We just added some great black houndstooth curtains. They didn't want glare when they watched Tv. Some lamps, throws and pillows.This was such a plain, big wall. The pieces on the wall were way too small. So we moved some stuff around and the arrangement fit much better.

After: These were all mostly her things. Things that made her home-hers. We didn't want to stray from that, just make it better!
People tell us all the time that they don't have anything! We tell them that would be surprised what we can find. This was a old bookcase that no one was using. We flipped it on it's side and used it as a sofa table.
You never know what we can find in your home to use!

This was a little alcove off the room. It was not being utilized in this way. So, we searched the house and came up with....
This. We found the beautiful dresser in the basement, pulled some chairs from another room, a soft lamp and some old books! Now it's the perfect place to relax!

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