Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Embrace the trend: How to decorate with globes & maps

 I'm so excited to be back and sharing another fun decorating idea! Today I'm talking about my love for globes and maps & how to incorporate them into your home.

I have a lot of loves when it comes to decorating, and globes & maps are on the top of my list. Globes, maps, pillows, lamps...I could go on & on. What can I say, I just love decorating accessories!

One of my favorite map creations would have to be my DIY Map Table. This project was so easy and took less than an hour to complete! My kind of project!

Oh, I almost forgot to proclaim my love for the little green plants that you can buy at Ikea. Yep, love those too. They are so versatile and are perfect for little corners that need a little pop of color.  I just might have to do a post all about things that I love from Ikea. Can I get an amen?

sassy style

Back to maps..Because I love globes and maps so much, I thought that I would share some fun decorating ideas on how to embrace globes and maps in your own decor. I love my map table, my map lampshade and my map ampersand. Don't worry, they are not all in the same spot in my house. Promise....

Since were talking about things that I love...I also love decorating for the seasons! (Is that weird?) If you love embracing the seasons in your decorating too, check out these past posts. Hopefully they will inspire you too!

Jellybean Trees or Jellybean pussy willow trees
(the perfect project to make with all those clearance'd jelly beans)

Happy Creating Friends!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY Paper Towel Garlands

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Scott Brand, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Scottvalue”  

I have crafted with a lot of supplies, but I'm thinking that this latest product just might be my favorite!
What is it? Scott Paper Towels! You guys, I am in love!

What did I make with the paper towels? How about a garland?

I'm dying over how great these turned out. Best part..I had a blast making them and they were simple and inexpensive to do.

Supplies needed:

Scott brand paper towels-You need to use this brand of paper towels. They are nice and thick & absorb the color awesome & dry beautifully.
Best part about these paper towels-You can check out Kmart's Shop You Way Rewards for great coupon offers on Scott Tissue products this week!
(While supplies last-offer good from 4/20-4/26)

Gel food coloring by Wilton

Shredding Scissors


Washi Tape


Heavy duty Needle and heavy thread

Once you have all of your supplies gathered, you get to get your hands dirty..literally. Make sure that you wear plastic gloves. I didn't and I had purple hands for 3 days. So...learn from my mistake.

1-Have separate bowls for each color that you are going to make.

2- Put about 1/4 cup of water in each bowl & then add your food coloring. The Wilton gel food coloring has awesome, intense colors, so I recommend using those.

3-Tear off a few sheets of Scott towel and fully submerge them in your colored water.

4- Let the paper towels soak for about 30 seconds. Because these paper towels rock and they are nice and thick, you will have no problem with the towels falling apart.

5-Wring out the towels really well and then let them dry. I let mine dry overnight, but that is totally up to you. I also put mine outside and it was windy & then I had to chase them all over the yard. So I recommend that you don't put them outside if it's windy. Just saying...

Once everything is dry, you are ready to start creating your banners.

How to create a Scott Paper Towel Garland

1-Cut your paper towel into 2-3" strips.

2-Use your shredding scissors & cut the strips
Make sure that you leave a border at the top-DON'T cut all the way through. If you do cut all the way through, you are just going to have strips of colored paper towels. Not really what were going for.

3-Roll your strips & then tape together with washi tape

4- String your banner pieces together using your needle and thread. I used thin bakers twine and it worked great!

5-Hang and enjoy!

I loved how these out! They really were a breeze to make and I'm planning on making a lot more! You can also make a garland with shapes. Triangles, pennants etc.

Don't forget to check out the Shop Your Way Rewards by Kmart
Scott Product's Facebook page

If you're looking for more spring decorating ideas, check out these past fun posts.

Springtime Paper Straw Garland

DIY Marquee Board

Happy Creating!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

DIY Spring Decor-Jellybean Tree's

I'm sure some of you are thinking what the heck is a jellybean tree? Well, I guess you could also refer to these as Jellybean Pussy Willow Branches. It doesn't matter what you call them, they are my newest and most favorite spring decoration!

The best part about these beauties is they are easy peasy to make. My kind of project!

Supplies needed: 

A cool temp glue gun
I would not use a high temp one. The cool temp will melt the jellybeans a little bit, so I think using a full heat would be a messy, sticky mess. 

Lifesaver or Laffy Taffy Jellybeans
These 2 brands have pastel colored candies, so they look the best. 

Apple tree branches
These branches have little nobbies on them (is nobbies even a word) so you are able to have little nitches and nooks to glue the jellybeans.

A sturdy vase or container

The how to is pretty simple.

1-put your branches in your container. You will want to make sure that they are where you want them before you glue them. You are not going to want to move your sticks around a lot once you have glued them on. They don't travel too well.

2- Turn on a movie or gather some friends and get to gluing.

I must give a warning's a messy project.

A messy project is my favorite kind of project! These Jellybean branches were simple to make, but I really do love them! I hope that you will try them. I think that you will love them too!

Happy Creating!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

51 Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Sassy Style

Mommyland Coupons Free Download by

Hand print Wall Art by

Washi Tape Clothespin Makeover by Life with

Sewing Organizer by BHG

Candy bar bouquet with DIY pot by Life, Love and Leighton

DIY Magnets for Mom by BHG

Funny Mothers Day Card by E-cards

Easy DIY Crown by The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Mothers Day Pencil Holder and Frame by BHG

Love Rocks by Vintagey Office

Hand print art on Cork board by Buggy and Buddy

DIY Chalkboard jars and labels by Creme de la

Flower bookmarks by Things to share and remember

All the reasons I love mom jar by BHG

Paper Button Flower Bouquet by Handmade

Mothers day card w/ free download by Teacher help for Parents

Mothers Days Hand print Apron by Little Page

Mothers Day Bouquet Wrap by BHG

 Hand Dying Carnations by Kitchen Counter Chronicles

 Sign Language I LOVE You Card by Busy Kids Happy

Photo Flowers by BHG

Spice Jars with Chalkboard Labels by The Sweetest

Coffee Filters Flowers by We made

Artwork Candles by Come Together

Words of love photo frame idea by BHG

Easy Thumbprint flowers by In lieu of

Tin Can Lanterns by Grow Creative

Relaxing Mothers day gift basket by BHG

Metal Bottle Top Spring Flowers by Zing Zing Tree

Rainbow Pour Painting flower pots by In Leiu of

Lollipop Flower Bouquet by Make Happy

Mothers Day Button Blooms by BHG

Celery Rose Handmade Card by Maureen Cracknell

Dollar Store Frame makeover by Creative

Tissue Paper flower in yogurt cup vases by PBS

Mothers Day Notebook by Martha

Homemade Heart Coin Purse by Maya Made.

Tissue Paper Corsage by PBS

DIY Kleenex Flowers by The Mother Huddle

DIY Mothers day craft idea by Food love and life blog

DIY Owl Hand print Canvas or Card by pinterest

Mommy You Rock paper weight by Danielle's

What I love about mom flower pot by Meegan

Collage Family Portrait by BHG

Textured String Bracelets by Martha

Tea Cup Pin Cushion by My Kids

Pretty Colored Glass Vases by Lila A

Standing Paper Flowers by Made By

Hand print Doormat by Mummy

Dreamy Sleep Mask by Martha

Happy Creating!

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