Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Back to school ideas- Locker Decorations

I'm excited to be sharing an easy back to school idea.

sassy style it just me, or is anyone else freaking out that school is just around the corner? I am one of those moms who LOVE back to school time. But I can't believe it's here already! Crazy!

This year, I have 2 girls that will be in Jr. high and I need some cute locker accessories/decorations.

Because really, isn't that what school is really all about? That and cute clothes and shoes. Oh and boys..I can't forget about the boys.

When I went in search of some cute locker accessories, I couldn't find any that my girls would love. The ones that I did find were not that cute. So, I figured I would make my own.

Sassy Style

I pulled out some of my favorite Hazel & Ruby supplies and got to work.

This was an old forgotten clipboard that I found forever ago at a yard sale. I took the clip off and sprayed it gold (of course) and then painted the board white. Once that was dry, I added some letters and an arrow from my Hazel and Ruby stencil masks. I just picked random letters because I liked the look, but you could certainly use all of the same font. After the masks were placed, I sprayed everything a fabulous berry pink. I added some magnets so it would stick in their locker. Easy peasy.

Because I am a mom to girls, we all agree on the fact that you can never have too many accessories. Same idea goes for locker decorations. I found this cute pink, white board at the dollar store. It was fine by itself, it just needed a little something extra. I pulled out my fat roll, Quote Me washi tape and put a strip on the side. This is one of my favorite washi tapes because:
A-it's actually really sticky
B-I LOVE the empowering words and quotes. 

This is the perfect little detail. My girls will be reminded of how awesome they are every time they open their locker. This makes me happy, happy, happy!

Last but not least, I made some simple picture clips using plastic chip clips from the dollar store, Hazel and Ruby washi tape and some ribbon. I just glued a magnet to each one. These will be perfect for notes, pictures or quotes that my girls might want to display.

Note: All of these Hazel & Ruby products can be purchased at Michaels

If you are looking for more DIY locker accessories and ideas, I would love for you to check out this post. 

Happy Creating!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh how I love Hazel & Ruby

I am so excited to announce that I get to be a part of the new Makery team with the company, Hazel & Ruby. I have played and fell in love with their products over the past few months & if you haven't tried them must! You tool will fall in love! You can pick them up at your local Michael's.

Here are few of my favorite projects that I have created using Hazel & Ruby products. Are you seeing a theme here? I should branch out and try a new color!

Gold Spray Painted Pillow

Gold Hello Table

I'm so excited because they have some brand new, fantastically awesome products that I can't wait to get my hands on!

If you know me at all, you know that I have this weird obsession with letters and numbers. I have for years! So, I'm sure that you can imagine how excited I was when I saw these new masks with the new fonts!

I'm also crushing on the new Christmas masks AND you can now cut your own masks using your electronic cutter! If I could do a cartwheel, I would totally be doing one right now!

I love a pretty paper, and these new project papers are beautiful!

And because I also love a chalkboard and new piece of sharpened chalk, this new chalk kit is awesome!

Do you see why I am so excited! All of these new products will be available the end of August!

Happy Creating!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Gold "Hello" Sofa Table Makeover

I'm excited to share a fun DIY idea that you can do in an afternoon. I love an easy and fabulous project, don't you?

I had found a sad, little table at my local thrift store about 2 months ago. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect for this project. It was only $10, so it came home with me.

A quick supply list of what you will need to create your own Gold Hello Table Makeover.

Heirloom White Spray Paint by Rustoleum
Gold Metallic Spray Paint by Rustoleum
Stencil Mask-Everyday Words by Hazel & Ruby
Painters Tape

Step 1
Spray paint your table with Heirloom White Spray Paint-let dry

Step 2
Attach "hello" stencil mask words to corner of table

Step 3
Measure how high you want the gold paint to come up on the legs and tape off. Tape off top off the table to prevent gold over spray.

Step 4
Spray top and part of the legs with the gold metallic spray paint. Let dry

Step 5
Carefully remove "Hello" stencil mask letters

Step 6
Sand the table just a little bit (if you like this look)

Step 7
Step back and admire how awesome your table looks

 I hope that I have inspired you to try something new & maybe make your own "hello" table!

Happy Creating!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY 4th of July Wreath

I'm excited to share a DIY 4th of July Wreath with all of you.  It's a fantastic wreath that is sure to make every guest that comes to your home feeling happy.

To make this wreath, you will need the 4th of July Wreath Kit from Fancy Pants Designs. Everything you need to create your own wreath will come in a handy box & right to your door. Awesome right? I think so too! The instructions aren't too hard. This is something that you can put together in an afternoon. If you don't have time to order a kit, no worries. If you're a paper hoarder or lover of all kinds of craft supplies, you can put this wreath together with the supplies listed.

There are a couple of supplies that you will need that are not included in the kit.

Hot glue gun-since this is going outside, you will want to use a high heat glue gun
Craft paint-Red and Navy Blue
Tiny attacher or stapler

Supplies if not purchasing a kit

1 side of  14" Embroidery Hoop
4-12x12 sheets of holiday paper
8-white paper sacks
4-mini white doilies
USA-letter stickers
Scraps of holiday paper to make banner
Junk bow supplies
Cork Stars-(optional)

To make large paper lollies

1- Start making paper lollies.  You will need 4 white glassine bag lollies and 4 paper lollies.

Glassine sack Lollies-Take a paper sack and cut up one side and on the bottom. You will be left with a glassine rectangle. You need to cut off the scalloped edge of the bag as well.

2-Once you have your rectangle, you just need to fold, in an accordion style, like a fan, the entire bag. You will need 2 bags for each lolly.

3-Fold your fan in half and then staple the center. Do this for each bag.

4-Staple the two folded bags together to create a lolly.

Do this same technique for all 8 lollies needed.  The paper is going to be a little bit harder to fold, but a bone folder, a scoring tool or even a ruler will make the process much easier.

To make the small brown lollies-

1-You do the exact same technique, you just need to cut your paper sack in half-vertically.

2- Fold and make your lollies following the previous lolly instructions.

Now that you have all of your lollies made, you are ready to start assembling. Yea!!

Assembly Instructions

1-Attach the lollies to your embroidery hoop. Put the hot glue on the edge of the hoop and push lolly down. Hold down until firmly glued in place.

2-Attach small white doily, with hot glue, to the center of each of the colored paper lollies.

3-Attach the mini, brown lollies to the center of the colored paper lollies

4-Attach your junk bows to the center of each of the glassine lollies.

Don't panic if you're not sure how to make a junk bow. I have post written all about it that you can read here. Warning, it is a little addicting. I have a tendency to add junk bows to lots and lots of things.

5-Attach a painted cork star to each of the lollies.

Banner Instructions

To make your banner you need a piece of twine and 3 patterned glassine bags.

1- Cut your mini glassine bags the same way you cut your other bags. Cut up one side and along the bottom.  Once you have your rectangle shape, you can keep it rectangle or you cut a small notch in the bottom so it looks more like a banner. There is no wrong way to do this. You decide what you like better.

2- Glue your twine to the back of your hoop. Attach it to the edges of the hoop with hot glue. Don't pull it too tight or the banner wont hang properly

3-Attach your glittered U, S, A to each of the banner pieces.

4-Fold the top of your bag over the twine and then glue in place.

That's it! Stand back and look at your darling wreath & pat your awesome self on the back!
Your door is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Happy Creating!

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